About Us

Pakform Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in 2007 in order to be the best in the field of the production of injection packaging by in-mold labeling processes for the ''food sector''.

In recent years , we achieve contributions of competition to specialization , customer focused work , as well as total quality management.

In our globelized world , it is important to be productive , ecological and competitive. The provision of these technologies requires application and follow-up of new technologies as well as specialization in this area. The goal of being one step ahead is the key to these important issues.

We want to be brand-strong , productive , produce the best and introduce the quality management , and we are working by knowing that the success is hidden in small details.

We deliberately carry out the necessary control activities in order to meet the determined criteria in the production for the food sector in raw materials , auxiliary materials , production and the final product manner.

Our company attaches great importance to product development , cooperation and project work. Packaging often gives the characteristic to the product it covers. We consider the work with the secrecy principle from the idea stage to the placing the product to the market.

We love our work , and with our solution-oriented approach and experienced employees , we can be one of the leading companies in this field.

Our Values ;

  • Trustworthhiness ,
  • Mutual respect and loyalty ,
  • Ethical behavior and team spirit
  • Customer satisfaction and partnership ,
  • Always aim for the best in our woek
  • Disciplined working.

Our Mission ;

To work without compromising our ethical principles, respect and quality. Following scientific and technological developments, meeting the increasing demands of the customers and the market each and every day, being easily accessible. To be one of the leading companies in the sector with its customer and employee oriented service standards. To be a brand between our country and the countries of the region.

Our Vision

To be reliable , to provide quality products , to develop collaborations and to be a leader in the sector.

Our Quality Policy ;

To be a quality brand with our regulatory-preventive activities for better together with our suppliers and employees based on national and international standards. To provide the best service with training, development and support. Working constantly to improve overall quality standards.

Our Business Security and Occupational Health Policy;

- We practice the value we give our employees,
- Systematically monitoring of hazards and risks,
- Minimize identified risks,
- Providing safe working environment to our employees,
- Fulfillment of liabilities in regard with employee health according to national and international standards.

Our Environmental Policy ;

- Respect to the environment and the nature
- To care and apply recycling regulations in order to leave a clean environment for future generations.

Our Artistic and Social Responsibilities ;

-We encourage our workers for the values that they can produce as a hobby, or as an amateur and/and professionally,
-To contribute to the realization of this interest of our employees and their families
- To feel responsible for our people with disabilities,
-The company that wants to be in social assistance projects.